Are You A High School Student With A Keen Interest In Science?
We have the camp experience for you!

Imagine…being called in the middle of the night by police. There has been a crime and they need your help and expertise to solve the case. There are a number of clues left at the scene, including blood, hair, and clothing. If you do your job correctly the crime can be solved and the perpetrator placed behind bars.The Forensic Science Camp will introduce you to the fascinating world of Forensic Science. Learn what it really takes to process a crime scene, analyze evidence, use DNA technology to solve crime and develop your own DNA profile….plus experience campus life at a University.First Hand Experience

Campers will gain first hand experience with forensic practices.

  • Identify + package evidence at a crime scene
  • Use DNA technology to solve crime
  • Participate in a mock trial using evidence you have collected and analyzed
  • Use leading edge laboratory equipment

Professionals Visits

Throughout the week, campers will be able to interact with various members of the community currently working in the field of Forensic Science. This not only benefits our campers with first hand experience but gives them insight into possible post-secondary education and future career opportunities. Some professionals include:

    • Peterborough Police Forensic Identification Unit
    • Expert in bloodstain pattern analysis
    • Members of the OPP
    • MNR enforcement branch
    • Researchers currently involved in Entomology, Bioterrorism, Anthropology and Wildlife DNA studies

Forensic Hands-On Activities

  • Blood spatter
  • Fingerprinting
  • DNA analysis
  • Footwear and tire mark impressions
  • Skeletal remains